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digital file folders

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How would life be if there were no more folders on your desk? What would you say if the folder in your office cupboard disappeared? The key words: digital file folders. Be honest. How much time do you waste searching for documents? And where is that folder anyway? Free up some space. You don’t need a paper archive.


The principle behind the digital file folder from d.velop is simple: All documents that enter your company or organization are directly stored in digital form in the central electronic archive (in the case of e-mails or documents created with a tool such as a word processor) or after they have been scanned (paper-based documents).

A special feature in all this: documents imported as scans or any other format are automatically analyzed, and the information is autonomously allocated to the corresponding existing digital file folder based on this information. If no matching record exist, new records are automatically created based on the detected properties – without the need for you to take any action. Given the large volume of documents in your daily incoming mail, this results in enormous time savings.

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scanning and classifying

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Be it postbox processing, e-mail management or incoming invoice processing: Today, efficient document handling is virtually impossible without the assistance of a powerful scanning solution. Therefore, automatic scanning and classification are core functions a modern enterprise content management system is expected to offer.

If you are able to digitize and classify your paper-based documents (invoices, delivery notes and other documents like accompanying letters), this means you can automate processes that allow users to share, view and control information anywhere and in an instant. As information is automatically allocated to the corresponding business case, you additionally benefit from highly reliable processes. Moreover, documents are archived in an audit-compliant format.

In order for this kind of digital archiving scheme to be efficient, the scanning process must be fast and easy, and the solution must be able to automatically distribute the digitized documents to the relevant employee. This requires a system that can digitize documents, determine the document type and reliably capture all relevant data.

If these prerequisites are met, digital archiving makes time-consuming manual indexing obsolete, reduces susceptibility to errors and speeds up throughput times, thus making it much easier for your employees to carry out routine tasks.

As a result, your company saves both space and money and gains additional market momentum as well as a competitive advantage.


It does not matter whether documents that enter your company as standard mail are digitized as single documents or in large batches – the scan module supports any scenario.

After scanning, an intelligent full-text recognition engine (OCR) automatically checks the documents and reliably captures all relevant information including header and line-item data. This provides the basis for the largely automatic attribute assignment process. To further maximize recognition and classification accuracy, an automatic validation mechanism checks the information against existing master data.

Next, this data is used to directly allocate the newly added documents to the relevant business case and store them in the audit-compliant, long-term digital archive in accordance with your company’s individual filing scheme. From there, you can access them with a click of the mouse in your familiar application. The software thus delivers seamless workflows without the need to change tools.

Of course, all of these functions can be applied to any electronic document (e.g. a Word document or e-mails) in addition to paper-based docs.

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document archiving


Don’t we all know this situation: We need to get an important document, but the ring binder that contains it is not where it is supposed to be – either a colleague passed it on to another employee, took it home or already transferred it to the archive vault.

Daily office processes strongly depend on the accessibility of a broad range of documents, including paper documents, technical drawings, images, Office documents, accounting records and e-mails. The central digital archive from d.velop provides a home for all of them, storing them in digital format for as long as required in an audit- and legally compliant manner – regardless of which system they originated from.

Any authorized employee can access this database to search, edit, check and share the documents. If mobile ECM is supported, all of this is possible even while on the road.

As a huge added benefit, the archive retains precisely one version of each document, stored in an unalterable format. As a consequence, your employees will never have to print and manually archive paper-based documents again, and the solution also puts an end to the time-consuming and confusing management of multiple copies.

Electronic archiving using technology designed by d.velop thus translates into transparent business processes, legally and audit-compliant storage in certified systems, as well as greatly reduced printing, paper and storage costs.

Better yet, you can comfortably view any document even after decades or configure the system such that documents are automatically deleted after expiration of the retention period.

Electronic archiving allows users to handle documents in virtually the same way as with traditional ring binders – with the crucial difference that it all happens on screen rather than on paper.

And since the system perfectly maps the unique archive structure of your company, you can search, process, check, re-archive or distribute all documents, including all attachments or linked records, with ease. On demand, you can even set up fully automated workflows.

Digital document archiving takes place automatically: Data is archived in audit-compliant, long-term storage formats such as TIFF or PDF/A, thus meeting all regulatory compliance requirements concerning data retention and accounting.

When new documents are captured, records are generated automatically, as are reminders for deadlines and due dates.

Electronic archiving also serves as your access point to additional d.velop solutions including digital incoming invoice processing, contract or e-mail management.

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email archiving

audit.capable legally.compliant

Today, more than eighty percent of business correspondence takes place via e-mail. The modular d.velop e-mail management solution helps you to smartly and efficiently handle the vast flood of information your company depends on to prosper.

The e-mail management tool seamlessly integrates with your e-mail client, thus connecting e-mails with all data stored in the digital archive. This means that your users have e-mails as well as all other relevant information at their fingertips when processing a job.

E-mail management encompasses much more than simple e-mail archiving.

The solution performs various additional tasks, such as capturing the content of messages and attachments and storing it in digital records in a process-related and transparent manner. This central, automatic function also ensures that data is stored in compliance with legal and audit requirements.

As a result, every employee across the company can instantly access all information via full-text search or attribute-based lookup. This makes your comprehensive business processes much more transparent and traceable.

The e-mail management solution accounts for applicable retention periods and other legal requirements imposed on digital data processes, including EUROSOX, Solvency II, GDPdU, GoBS, HGB, AO and/or the relevant provisions of the German Product Liability Act.

greater.efficiency reduced.costs

Process-related archiving means that incoming and outbound e-mails are classified based on direct and/or indirect properties for subsequent manual or automatic allocation to the respective digital customer, supplier or project record.

Storing your e-mails in the digital archive contributes to significantly reducing the required storage capacity and operating cost of your e-mail server. d.velop e-mail management prevents accidental data loss, speeds up data storage and eliminates the need to create separate backups of PST files or Notes databases.

It also offers a comprehensive range of document management functions including versioning and check-out/-in, simple and flexible customizing to meet individual requirements, as well as the capability to integrate with existing applications such as Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint or Office, thus perfectly adapting to your environment and needs.

In addition, a smart full-text or keyword search feature guarantees rapid lookup of archived e-mails. This means that any workflow connected with e-mail management benefits from improved efficiency.

And whenever your requirements change, you can easily scale the digital archive accordingly.

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document management

Dusty archives, filing cabinets and rows upon rows of ring binders – this is what document management used to look like. Digital document management from d.velop helps you leave this mess behind!

Documents, e-mails, invoices, contracts… in other words, any and all corporate data is stored on a central platform. In order to be able to do so, the document management solution seamlessly integrates with your IT landscape and your various systems.

The information is allocated to digital records, which can be viewed at any time and from any workstation. Digital document management provides you with an at-a-glance overview of customers, suppliers, projects and much more.

Convenient features such as full-text searching based on categories, record navigation, an automatic reminder function and various other options will win over your users within minutes. The system also allows them to rapidly find, share and link information, thus generating new digital records without the need to make any copies.

It sometimes takes your internal mail delivery service weeks to deliver documents? With business process management, it will take mere seconds.

A business process always consists of a set sequence of tasks and actions. Business process management from d.velop controls these processes and makes certain that you receive all information needed to start the next task at just the right time.

Transforming (business) processes into digital workflows greatly simplifies tasks that are highly tedious and time-consuming when performed manually. Moreover, you gain a clear overview of each stage of your digital processes, allowing you to identify potentials for further optimizing your IT landscape.

The solution is based on digital workflows you can use to shape, control, monitor and expand processes. You are not limited to large-scale, rigid processes. It takes only a few clicks of the mouse to generate ad-hoc workflows for a specific task.

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incoming invoice processing


Manually recording incoming invoices involves an enormous amount of time and a lot of expense. Optimize your incoming invoices with a digital solution. Achieve faster cycle times thanks to our electronic invoice workflow and increase transparency throughout the process. Do all of this in compliance with ZUGFeRD and GoBD provisions. The solution is fully integrated into your financial accounting system, making managing incoming invoices a very simple task.

All invoices and other key information is stored in the digital archive in a legally compliant manner, allowing for easy-as-can-be access at any time.

Modern, transparent interfaces and intuitive user guidance guarantee that your employees can process all invoices quickly and conveniently.

For example, if any document is scanned more than once, a corresponding alert is issued. For you this means that you are aware of possible issues at the very start of the incoming invoice process.

Moreover, you can check for conformity with Section 14 of the German VAT Act, which makes it easy to identify invoices with formal flaws.


  • integration
    flexible integration

    Seamless integration with your procurement and financial accounting processes means that the captured invoice data is automatically transferred to your accounting or ERP system via an XML interface. There, the data is reconciled and then processed as usual.

    The flexible interface concept supports virtually any accounting or ERP system.

  • customization
    Customizable for a perfect fit

    The details of each of the four processing steps – initial account assignment, verification on the content level, sign-off, as well as final account allocation – can be configured to ensure smooth interaction with your specific verification and release procedures.

    As each individual step is logged, all authorized employees as well as the project manager or the person in charge of the cost center are always up to date on the current processing status. This also means that they can provide immediate answers to queries from customers or colleagues.

    If the person in charge is sick or on holiday, pending tasks are automatically forwarded to the designated substitute. This all but eliminates idle periods.

  • extension
    Easy extension

    You can complement the function range of your incoming invoice processing solution by adding any other d.velop module at any time, thus seamlessly expanding your document management capibilities at your own pace.

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incoming mail processing


The central task here is to efficiently integrate the two mail types, to distribute and to archive them. The advantage:
Everything is always available for everyone, everywhere.

Moreover, the d.velop incoming mail processing accelerates the dispatch and processing of your mail, reduced delays and transport times, ensures an immediate workflow, allows for an efficient planning of your resozrces, increases the service quality and eventually leads to significantly lower costs.

Last but not least: an automatic load balancing makes sure that the workload is equally distributed to all employees – if desired even considering sick leave or vacations.


To consolidate mail and e-mail documents, the paper documents including their attachments are scanned, classified, full-text indexed to extract further information and automatically sent to the employee in charge using his on-screen mailbox.

This way, invoices are directly sent to the accounting while tenders go to the sales department.

Here, unstructured information can also be directly targeted based on customer number, order number, post code or similar properties.

Moreover, the incoming mail processing by d.velop stores all information together with the document in one digital archive.

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contract management


Contract management is a critical business process that entails a multitude of different challenges. Various departments with differing tasks must be organized along the entire contract life cycle. What all departments have in common is that transparency is the mission-critical factor.

Various departments must be involved in the contract process before it actually commences. This entails a few essential tasks:

Compiling information
Drawing up contracts and other applicable documents
Adjusting the specific subject of the agreement
Coordinating internally and negotiating with external contract partners

The approval and signing processes initiate the active contract period.


Without digital contract management, Excel lists are often the method of choice to keep track of the tasks and deadlines of a contract.

This leads to several risks:

Contracts are limited to a specific department or redundantly organized
Time-consuming research
Use of outdated information
Inadequate database for performing company-wide analyses
Missed deadlines
Less opportunity to cut costs

Digital contract management delivers all the tools you need to rapidly search and manage all operational contracts, framework and cooperative agreements or license and maintenance contracts including all associated documents – either at your workstation or while on the road.

This does away with cumbersome manual chores such as filing, sorting and searching dozens of ring binders for urgently needed documents. Consistent, complete and 100% transparent workflows that keep track of all documents and corresponding deadlines and terms further facilitate controlling tasks and help you meet accountability obligations with ease. Digital contract management ensures that you are always up to date on all key items relating to your contracts, including deadline and payment tracking.

Moreover, a customizable access rights scheme and an automatic reminder function deliver maximum data security.
Always in control

But this is not the end of how your company can benefit from digital contract management. For example, the solution also supports versioning, i.e., it logs every version of a contract, making it fully traceable. And to take even more routine work off your back, the system automatically generates well-structured contract master data sheets that provide you with all relevant information at a glance.
Audit capable and legally compliant

Digital contract management automatically allocates your contractual documents to digital records and stores them in the central archive in an audit-capable and legally compliant format. So whenever an audit is performed in your company, you can produce all requested contracts and all associated documents in an instant. The solution also allows you to enforce proper processing, checking and release procedures, delivering quick answers to any document-related question. Accidental deletion of contracts or individual contents is reliably prevented.
Individually expandable

Also, since contract-related documents may reach your company in any number of ways besides traditional mail, you can add complementing, customizable modules, such as digital e-mail management, to ensure smooth contract management across the entire lifecycle.

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workflow management / BPM


In today’s digital business world, business processes never stay the same for long as they constantly need to be adapted to changing market demands. On top of this, customers expect you to respond faster and faster. BPM from d.velop provides you with tools for creating digital workflows that map your processes. The solution then assists you in automating the process flow, allowing for vastly more flexible and efficient business operations.

Benefits include improved process quality, more consistent workflows and thus greatly improved transparency (status overview, documentation, reporting). BPM reduces processing times and costs, makes information much more easily available and introduces seamless, consistent workflows.

Draw on workflow screens or forms to capture and evaluate data which is then used to control processes in a simple and effective manner.

BPM supports a broad range of functions, including load-balanced incoming mail distribution, incoming invoice processing, claim and complaint management, complex approval procedures and master data processes. The ability to connect external systems via certified interfaces or to create a dynamic form that can be used in multiple processes gives you precisely what you need to accurately map your processes and rapidly implement the digital workflow!

Automatic data transfer also reduces the risk of human error and thus contributes to improving overall process quality.

d.velop not only delivers the software solution, but we also offer expert analysis and consulting services perfectly aligned with your specific structures.

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quality management


Digital quality management from d.velop brings transparency and full traceability to each process step. This is made possible with functions including automatic deadline management, versioning, data logging as well as workflow-based business processes for perfectly managed QM processes and documents.

But there’s more: The digital quality management solution created by d.velop in cooperation with customers from a wide range of industries even manages the QM manual.

The wide spectrum of tasks it performs includes document, log and faulty product control, support with planning as well as assistance in documenting your employees’ qualification standards. Given this wealth of functions, it helps you meet ISO standards and comply with the demanding requirements imposed on the pharmaceutical industry (GxP).

Whatever the size and business of your company, the powerful, highly intuitive digital quality management solution from d.velop makes you more competitive, minimizes your liability risks and thus delivers real value.

The digital quality management solution from d.velop provides end-to-end functionality that cover the entire lifecycle of your QM documents. Functions range from transparent versioning of work instructions, form sheets and manuals all the way to centralized archiving in the digital d.velop archive system.

The solution thus helps you to do away with outdated EXCEL lists for keeping track of document distribution and training programs and instead delivers digital quality management based on complete information that is available at any time.

Sophisticated workflows automatically forward the documents to the employee in charge. Whenever new tasks are pending, a corresponding e-mail message is sent, including reminders as an option.

Moreover, the system autonomously monitors all read acknowledgments and deadlines. In the event of sickness or holiday leave, it automatically addresses the designated substitute.

Thanks to the clear presentation of all QM documents, version states and processors, you can stay informed about any document status and its current processor at a single glance.


Deep and seamless integration of d.velop quality management with Microsoft Office allows you to easily find all documents no matter where they are in the workflow, and you can readily open and edit them using any common application (such as Microsoft Word).

Also, templates and text modules are provided to make QM document handling even easier and to maximize overall visibility of the entire QM process.

More importantly, d.velop quality management is individually scalable – not only in terms of the user base, but also as regards the function range. In addition, it can be upgraded by adding process- and industry-specific workflows.

This spectrum of powerful features and expansion options is among the key reasons why many companies contending in the highly regulated pharmaceuticals and medical technology markets rely on eDMS and eQMS solutions from d.velop.